Guitarz 6.6 Changes

Guitarz 6.6 changes.

Tablature Page (Changes from v 6.0): You can now write your own ascii tab files or trade them with your friends. These tab files are actually text files that are small and are very portable! When you first load in a .tab file (or .txt file), Guitarz will search for all the tab sections contained in the file while ignoring all other text. You can then convert these text based tab sections into playable tablature. You can see the notes on the fretboard and you can hear the tab as it plays. There are several tutorial files you should read to get the most out of this new feature.

Play Page (Changes from v 6.0): The "Show Arpeggio" button now works in the Play Page module. If you have the arpeggio button pressed and play the song on the Play Page, you will see the notes of the current chord being played at every position on the fretboard (or just around the area of the chord if you do not have the "Display Full Fretboard" button depressed). This ultra-cool feature lets you play lead and melody lines to the song with no wrong notes!

Save Button on toolbar (Changes from v 5.0): In older versions of Guitarz, this acted as a Save As feature and a dialog box popped up whether the file being saved had been named or not. This now acts like other Windows programs: if the file has been named there will be NO WARNING... the file will be overwritten. If the file has not been named, a Save dialog box will appear. If you want to use Save As..., you can use that function under the File Menu.

Chord Design Group Diagram Box, PlayPage, and Tab Page warning dialogs (Changes from v 5.0): If you change, add, or delete diagrams and then try to Erase, Open, or Exit, you will get a dialog box asking if you want to save your changes. The result of the button presses in these dialog boxes has changed from past versions of Guitarz. They now act like the majority of Windows applications: When you press Cancel, no action is taken. When you press No, the file you changed is NOT saved and the action you were trying to initiate before the dialog box popped up is taken (erasing, opening another file, or closing Guitarz). If you click on Yes, the file immediately overwrites any existing file of the same name. If the file has not been named, the Save dialog box will appear.

PlayPage (Changes from v 5.0): Numerous changes. For a complete review, read the help file. There are four pages all in one scrollable window. The Start Cursor is now set by double clicking at the beginning of the measure. Older Guitarz versions let the user single click. A one level undo button is now on the toolbar. Many new editing features.

Preferences (Changes from v 5.0): A new preferences dialog box has been added. Check the help file for a description.

Interval Calculator (Changes from v 5.0): Now incorporated directly into Guitarz. Access this new addition under the Options Menu. This is an enhanced version of the free program we have on our website.

Good news for left-handed guitar players (Changes from v 5.0): The toolbar now sports a Left-handed icon. Click on this to change the Guitarz environment for left-handed players. The large graphic changes to the new view and so do all the small diagrams on the various Guitarz pages.

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