After "The Dogs" arrest in Colorado Springs, hope fled internal and JFK sorted through broken camper-vans and well-worn promises. Stints with such varied acts as "Jimmy Kreiger and the Wurlistics 5000" and (believe it or not) "Stardust" became the bread and butter makers of a distracted career. Penning country songs for "Wil and Aph" could be a way to extricate any ounce of self respect still lightly lingering was a thought often sideswiped. With a backlog of many (and even more) musical paralogs, evolution strides rightly ahead. Please respond by introspection, lightly crying, or slow dancing.

About You

Nobody can accuse you of riding the commuter train to collectivist, mass hypnosis media consumption...

...or with True Followers holding hands when crossing streets filled with unfamiliar understanding.

You draw outside the lines of the crosswalk. See the beauty there.